guest blogger: kevin hsia x le knights

Graciously invited to write for jo’s musings, I am happy to share my findings and thoughts that I feel best spotlights music raising the bar on current trends. I will be cheesy. I will make up words. I will be opinionated and sometimes brash. If I step on any toes, please let me know.

To be brief, I enjoy 70s and 80s music and love disco and house in all its forms. Just as EDM and DJ culture has blown up in the world conscious, it is my understanding that genres must be progressive just as it pays homage to the past. As Isaac Newton said, if anyone has seen [or heard] further,  “it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” I realized as I explored the genre of house music, the classics never left. What I felt the classics had in common with “good” modern music is  meticulous production and musicianship.

I started DJing as part of a small collective of music aficionados in Champaign-Urbana since 2008. I wanted to share music that was under the radar and had those golden qualities. Having kept a selective presence, I played an intimate variety of house parties and shows in the Chicago area since college days. With a new summer mix on the horizon, my most recent work as Le Knights can be previewed on the soundcloud player below.

With every kid and his dad jamming on their new DJ gizmo, who is there to defend against the onsalught of crappola? Blogs and all writers who claim to “write about music” must be there to resist posting music and artists to simply receive internet hit points.  I accept this responsibility as my civic duty and working with jo’s musings, we will do our best to keep you informed.

As readers explore this site, I hope you visit often for your funkscription. See you on my next post.

– Kevin

*I also partake in photography. My photo work can be found on facebook and flickr.

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